• With support from the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START) at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Building Markets has established a programme to build the capacity of Afghan civil society organizations (CSOs) whose mandate is to promote and protect human rights. We have identified and are currently working with 40 Afghan organizations that have expressed interest in receiving training on several thematic subjects to help strengthen their leadership and organizational capacity.
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International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s day – across the globe, women still suffer from inequality, violence, and oppression. Many women find their opportunities limited and their potential stifled. However, we remain hopeful about the global progress we have made towards equity and improved opportunities for women to live happy, healthy, successful lives. And the reality is hopeful: in … Continue reading


Job opening: Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

We’re hiring! We’re looking for someone skilled and experienced in monitoring and evaluation to fill a 1 month contract (with possible travel to Afghanistan) for our project to review and provide quality assurance over our data collection methods and impact tracking methodologies. Read more about the job opening here, and be sure to share it with … Continue reading


Justice for All: Mahfuza Folad and the resilience of Afghan CSOs

 This is a guest post by Akhila Kolisetty, a student at Harvard Law School who writes at Journeys Toward Justice. Akhila has worked and volunteered for BRAC, International Bridges to Justice, the ACLU, the Northwestern Centre on International Human Rights, the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project, and Justice for All. ———- Despite the burst of negative … Continue reading

New Years Links

We hope you had a restful and joyous  New Year! Our project is going well and we’re excited – and to that end, here are some recent stories of Afghanistan, human rights, and markets in the news. Let us know of any interesting or relevant articles or pieces you see in your reading travels! Shopkeepers … Continue reading

International Human Rights Day – Dari

!روز جهانی حقوق بشر مبارک باد .مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل متحد 10 دسمبر سال 1950 میلادی را به عنوان روز جهانی حقوق بشر اعلام کرد. هر سال، طی گردهمای ها و تظاهرات، سازمان ها و مردم در سراسر جهان روی چالش ها و معضلات جهانی حقوق بشر گفتگو میکنند. امسال، از روز جهانی حقوق بشر … Continue reading

International Human Rights Day

Monday was International Human Rights Day! In 1950, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed December 10 as International Human Rights Day. Every year, organizations and people around the world host events to commemorate human rights and call attention to unaddressed global human rights issues. This year’s International Human Rights Day passed without much fanfare … Continue reading

Kicking Off – Dari

به تاریخ 14-15 و 16-17 اکتوبر، ما اولین برنامه مسلکی سازی را با دو ورکشاپ دو- روزه تحت عنوان رهبریت، تقویت و مدیریت راه اندازی کردیم. 36 اشتراک کننده که از 35 نهاد جامعه مدنی نمایندگی می کرد، در این ورکشاپ ها که در کابل برگزار شده بود، اشتراک ورزیده بودند. این ورکشاپ به عنوان … Continue reading

Kicking Off

Between the 14th and 17th of October, we kicked off our professionalization programme with two workshops on Leadership, Empowerment, and Management. Thirty-six participants representing thirty-five Afghan civil society organizations attended the workshops held in Kabul. The workshop was designed as an interactive and practical seminar for senior managerial staff representing each organization participating in our … Continue reading

We’re Expecting: Leadership for Afghan CSOs

Our ‘Professionalization of Afghan Civil Society Organizations’ project kicked off Sunday, October 21st in Kabul with a session on leadership, empowerment, and management. This session is the first in a diverse series of workshops designed to help Afghan CSOs and their employees become more sustainable and more able to tackle organizational challenges, particularly in the … Continue reading


Lack of funding, security concerns, government corruption, and limited organizational capacity are factors that hamper the effectiveness of CSOs in Afghanistan. CSOs are becoming increasingly crucial as a counter to corruption, and they have a very important role to play in increasing accountability and providing disenfranchised Afghans with a voice. As the international community approaches … Continue reading