We’re Expecting: Leadership for Afghan CSOs

Our ‘Professionalization of Afghan Civil Society Organizations’ project kicked off Sunday, October 21st in Kabul with a session on leadership, empowerment, and management. This session is the first in a diverse series of workshops designed to help Afghan CSOs and their employees become more sustainable and more able to tackle organizational challenges, particularly in the years to come.

We started this project because we believe in Afghan leaders: here we have a remarkable group of hard-working people doing incredibly important work to support human rights in their country in an environment that is often difficult, unsupportive, and dangerous. We want to help them succeed, and we’re hopeful that the next several months will be an important step in that direction.

This first session is only one of many more that will be given over the coming months on a wide variety of topics designed to help CSOs become more sustainable, accountable, and transparent. Although we have many training sessions to give on financial reporting, monitoring and evaluation, building watchdog capacity, and important communications tools, leadership is an important and appropriate workshop to begin the project.

We’re excited to see what the coming months will bring, and we’ll be working hard to ensure that Afghan leaders and CSOs leave these sessions better-equipped to fight for the human rights of Afghans. We hope you’ll follow along over the coming months as the project progresses!


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