Programme Activities

Programme activities are comprised of two main thematic components:

Strengthening the Effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations

This component will enable CSOs to become effective advocates of their own missions by strengthening the voices and leadership of these organizations. Training will be delivered on subjects that include:

  • Techniques for advocacy
  • Introduction to communication tools
  • Advocacy and monitoring capabilities
  • Conducting media monitoring
  • Engaging with the government, stakeholders, and donors
  • Engaging with parliament
  • Networking
  • Best practices in promoting human rights
  • Building watchdog capacity
  • Promoting women’s rights
  • Stakeholder analysis

Increasing Efficiency by Improving Internal Management

We have developed internal management training in order to ensure that organizations are sustainable and have access to all of the information that is required to implement internal management policies and procedures. We are providing training on subjects such as:

  • Programme formulation and grant management
  • Project management
  • Internal management policies and procedures
  • Administrative management (HR, recordkeeping)
  • Financial management (accounting, budgeting)
  • Compliance, rules, and regulations
  • Reporting on accountability and transparency
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Informal auditing procedures

Through this programming, we hope to achieve:

  • Increased strength and leadership of civil society actors.
  • Increased sustainability of Afghan CSOs to make them more effective in encouraging accountability and providing a voice to vulnerable groups, especially women.
  • Improved performance of CSOs in managing grants, as well as financial and non-financial audits.



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